measuring a tanned w/t cape

Submitted by tracy on 02/11/2004. ( )

hey guys and gals

i have a wet tanned cape and using a McKenzie form.where is the best place to measure and how far below the ears for the coresponding
c and d measurments to avoid a oversize form and overstreching the cape in other words how cape laid flat how far to measure below the ears for c and how far below ears for d hope that makes sense
thanks tracy

is it possible to lengthen the eye to nose from 71/4 to 7 1/2

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Had to measure one tonight like that

This response submitted by Matt on 02/11/2004. ( )

What I do when I have to measure a cape and don't have a meat measurement especially the neck measurements is to lay the cape out flat on the floor and stretch it very so slightly starting at the base of the ears and working my way down to about the front of the shoulder. You don't want to over stretch the cape however and get a false measurement. Just enough to put alittle stretch back into the cape. The only neck measurement I take in this situation is the coresponding measurement just behind the ears. In my oppinion the other measurements will only be a guess due to angles and degrees of a cape laying flat on the floor verses on the animal. I won't get into that and alot of people are going to argue that but that's life. This measurement behind the ears has worked out good for me, but it's not how I like to take a neck measurement. Good luck.

here's what i do

This response submitted by jodi on 02/11/2004. ( )

i soak the cape in water for about an hour depending on the tan. let it drain by hanging for about 10 min. bag it and let it sweat overnight. drain it again the next day until all the excess water is out. lay it down and i really stretch the heck out of it. now when you stretch it, start below the ears and pull hard. do that all the way down to the bottom. what will happen is the cape will stretch really wide below the ears and as you stretch the entire cape the original size will come back.then measure right below the ears and then measure 3" down and match up your measurements to the McKenzie forms that you want. the nose to eye measurement usually coincides with the neck measurements. you can stretch the nose to eye 1/4" with no problem. good luck

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