Dakota Dilemma. Get the IV or the V?

Submitted by Bazie Dulen on 02/08/2004. ( bdulen@mrtc.com )

I am getting ready to buy a flesher and just wanted to see what people thought about the Dakota IV and V. I only figure on getting up around 30 to 40 deerheads a year and a few bobcats. Would the Dakota V be overkill for my needs? Would the Davota IV be enough. Just wanted to talk to some people that have used them and see your thoughts on these machines. Thanks alot,


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Go large? Its going to be faster.

This response submitted by JOhn C on 02/08/2004. ( )

Whn in dought go with the biggest and best machine you can afford.

I have both

This response submitted by stuffer on 02/08/2004. ( )

I have both and very seldom use the little one. I do the same stuff as you. Get the big one

Buy it the highdollar stuff

This response submitted by Ray on 02/08/2004. ( hunterray2002@yahoo.com )

Oh man if i were you i would invest as much money as possible on a fleshing machine to get the job done right. After all i've just been useing a variable speed benchgrinder and wire wheel n stone wheel. with a shroud behind it and it cost me a total of 70$bucks to get the same results. Nock your sox off.

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