Cut hair on a deer cape

Submitted by ct on 02/12/2004. ( )

First off I'm semi new to the whole deerhead business. The last 2 deer I've done have had cut hair unnoticable before put on the manican. When on the manican those spots stick out like sour thumbs and cant be covered up. 1"to 2" lines. Just doesnt make things look very good on my part for the customer. But I know all my cutting is done in the inside. Does this happen with you guys.

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Might be from fleshing

This response submitted by jk on 02/12/2004. ( )

If your sending them out it could be from a fleshing wheel. Where are the cuts? Are they in the same place?

Bullets will cut hair.

This response submitted by Jeff Acord on 02/12/2004. ( )

Sometimes the hair is cut by the bullet as it passes through. I had one cape where the bullet came out at an angle making a 4 inch gash in the neck clipping off a bunch of hair on both sides in the process. I didn't feel I could safely cut a big enough area out with out making a big pucker in the hide. If the areas are not very big you can cut the area out where the hairs are short, sew it, and make it look good. If it is too big, you can't always do much with it.


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I've repaired holes as big as my fist in hides by cutting them out. You need to make the cut long enough so when you trim out your football shape it will sew back together fairly nicely. The only problem with very large holes are that you may loose some neck circumference, depending on where the hole is.

More Info

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Are you fleshing by hand Or with a machine. If you are using a Dakota Machine. be sure the hair is not coming in contact with the blade wile you are flopping it around the flesher. Are these cut hairs near holes that have been sewn? If so. Make the hole wider before sewing, that way you remove the cut hairs. Look the hide over good before you start. If it has no cut hair, you are putting it there. Work carefully, and take your time so as not to cut the hair. Forget all that skin, turn, and flesh in 2 hours crap. Those guys are BS doing it right is more Important

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