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First of all, I know this doesn't pertain to taxidermy, but I know if I want to find out this is the place to ask. Can anyone tell me if Pope & Young lifted their 65% let off percentage on compound bows? I took a 151 class (green score) buck this year and I would like to have it officially scored and enter it but my bow has 70% let off and I didn't know if I could? Someone had told me that they had lifted it, but the source wasn't that reliable. Thanks to all!


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Yes they did...

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But if you qualify, you will have an asterisk next to your name...


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Thanks Marty.... I really never understood what the big fuss was with the let off anyway. I honestly think they should section up the scoring by type of bow if they want to make it fair. A compound hunter regardless of let off percentage has got an edge on the the hunter out there with his long bow. That's my two cents on the whole thing though. So, the Beatty buck was finally accepted into the book as a record then? Thanks again....



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The restriction has been lifted and there will be a seperate trophy book for animals taken with traditional equipment in the future. As far as trophys taken with 65% or more let off it will be included in the regular book with a * beside it to make it known to others of the equipment used. i think this is a good meet in the middle approach.


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That 70% let-off may very well be under 65% to begin with. A lot of the newer bows are measured differently than the accepted method by P&Y, and could actually be less than what is printed on the bow. The only way to know for sure is to ask the maker of the bow. Either way 65% or greater as stated in the previous posts, is now being recognized by P&Y.

I really never understood..............

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the big fuss over a score. 20 years ago, nobody did. Now in our quest "to be someone", everyone wants to see their name in a book, regardless if it's at the bottom.
Whatever happened to taking an "fair, decent, good, or damn good buck". In the grand scheme of things as far as record books go, if your not in the top five in your state, or top ten in the country, you don't rate. Anything lower is a wannabe.
Just my .02 cents worth

Record Books

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Record keeping was actually started to have a record for future generations to know what once was. At that time many believed that much of the wildlife we have today would no longer exist. The B&C club as an conservation organization recongnized this. It's influence was primarily because well known people of that time made up the club, and helped turn things around to what they are today. The club did not get invovled in measuring until much later. Now the records are kept of exceptional animals, the ones that are best of the best. To make the "book" whether it is B&C or P&Y takes some doing regardless of where the animal places in the book. Hunting is a very personal quest at best, and a trophy is in the eyes of the hunter regardless of it's size. Both these organizations are full of history and tradition, and stress fair chase. They do their best to educate and promote hunting for future generations. To meet their requirements and to be included in this, is an accomplishment.

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