Fawn question

Submitted by todd adams on 02/13/2004. ( )

I have a whitetail fawn that i am going to mount as a pedestal, the question that i have is when skinning out how careful do i have to be? I am sure that the skin on the fawn is super thin but its just a guess. Anybody that has mounted one please, if you can give me some tips or guidance on this mount. Also can i buy earliners for such a small deer? Thanks in advance..Todd

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This response submitted by Brandon Wildlife Studio on 02/13/2004. ( ... )

I am NO means an expert here....but i will pass along my experences.
I would compare the skin of the fawns to that of a bobcat belly in some places. About the earliner questions...i use 2-part apoxy sculpt (flesh color, or tint the grey kind) that way you have plenty of working time and usually you do not have to paint it, as the ears are so thin anyhow. But, that is just the way i do it...LOL


look in the McKenzie catalog

This response submitted by red on 02/13/2004. ( )

I'm getting ready to do a fawn also. McKenzie has a form and ear liners (pg.308 for liners) I think. I may try them or the method Bradon suggested. I'd like to know it turns out.

Pretty darn touchy

This response submitted by Vicki Chritton-Myers on 02/13/2004. ( )

The skin is very thin, especially the ears. Brandon is about right in his description. Also, remember really young fawns have bluish eyes. Just go slow with it, and you'll be fine.

Let us know how it turns out! =)

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