Repairing neck cut too high!

Submitted by Don on 02/14/2004. ( )


Was wondering if any of you pro's out there had any tricks for repairing deer capes that customers cut too high when cleaning. I recieved three deer that were cut past the brisket up to the throat patch. I have tried sewing, and the hair still bunches up and seems to be quite noticeable. Should I just mount and try to pin the area down until dry?

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xtra cape

This response submitted by Dan on 02/14/2004. ( Hasslehut )

You shouldn't even accept such deer,thats what most of us do, ..Sell a cape to the customer for a healthy profit, and make money, don't lose money! If you try fixing crap like this, the mount will look terrible (which reflects on you) and you will lose money in the long run. Be up front with the customer, tell him what he did wrong, offer a cape, But don.t tell him you can fix something that will look bad when finished! Oh well , asked.

Its really a easy repair once you know how.

This response submitted by John C on 02/14/2004. ( )

After fleshing, pin the cape to a board, cut turned inside out. Stretch it long ways, now cut any ragged edges, I normally use a razor blade, make the cuts straight from top to bottom. Now sew it up using a small 3 cornered needle and Fireline. A baseball stitch works well but you can do it with the normall stitch.

After you have it mounted take a rubber mallet and hit the seam to mash it flat, you will need to do this over the next few days several times. If you have a puckered area, use a claw hammer to tap it down. I always take these capes in, and charge $100.00 extra for the reprair.

I do just like John with one exception

This response submitted by George on 02/14/2004. ( )

I use a wrap stitch from the inside and it hides well.

bill them for sure

This response submitted by Mike on 02/14/2004. ( )

Definitly charge them extra for any repairs, that way they will not likely do it again. I charge extra for any holes larger than a golf ball and if they cut past the brisket, then I bill them acordingly depending on how long the repair will take at $35 per hour. If it's a short-haired cape with a cut up the front, then I wouldn't use the cape and would force them to buy/provide another cape or take it somewhere else.

I'm with John

This response submitted by Mark H on 02/14/2004. ( )

Easy once you know how. Take your time with the baseball stitch and don't pull the stitches to tight, as that will cause the hair to bunch. I charge $45.00 hr shop time for repairs like this.

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