Adhesives, Nic. Memb. Eye pad?

Submitted by DT on 02/17/2004. ( )

I was reading a recent thread here which mentioned not being able to use Epo-Grip on his ears because they would kick (can somone explain to me what kick is) I have been using 5 minute epoxy on my liners and it seems to work well, but I have been having some trouble at the bottom of the ear skin inside, it wants to lift. My next question, dose anyone out there make their own nictating membranes, and if they do would you be willing to tell me how. Lastly I am having troubles on my whitetails. The area in front of the eye where there is no hair,I can never get it to look like my references, it always seems to be too large. I have noticed in some references that this (bald area) dosent appear to be there, it just dosent look natural to me
I probably have a area around 1/2" square in front of the eye that I
always have to shade in and it seems by shading this area a darker color it changes the apperance of the whole face. Anyway, I anybody is willing to tell how I am messing this up I would really appreciate any comments.


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This response submitted by Frank E Kotula on 02/17/2004. ( )

What kick means is that it's getting hot and ready to set.
Making nicatating membranes can be made by using some sort of epoxy sculpt-all etc. Just make a small amount up and let it get hard but not set or place it in the eye and just make it up with that. It's a lot easier using buckeyes than trying to make them at times.
As for your eyes, that can be caused by to much clay, over stretching the skin. I know mine has this spot and it's a normal spot on all deer and needs to be shaded in using paint.
It's hard to say with out seeing what your deer eye looks like.

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