is blacktail mounting different from whitetail?

Submitted by Chris on 02/17/2004. ( )

Hello, I live in Washington, so we have whitetail, mule, and blacktail deer all within a short distance. I wanted to try taxidermy, so I ordered the deer kit from WASCO. I mounted one, then two, and now I am producing really really good whitetail mounts. Anyways, since I live in the middle of prime blacktail hunting, and I have many nice sets of horns and capes to mount them, I am going to try the blacktails since all the ones I have done are whitetails. My question is that is there anything different done when mounting a blacktail than a whitetail? I wouldn't think so but I thought I had better make sure. Thanks.

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Not really

This response submitted by Mark H on 02/18/2004. ( )

Although they are very different animals physically speaking. The mounting procedures are the same. I mount deer, elk, moose, caribou and most heads exotic and african using the same steps. But they are all different from one another and each one has it's own physiology.

Make sense?

Where you at

This response submitted by Mark H on 02/18/2004. ( )

in Washington?

I live...

This response submitted by Chris on 02/18/2004. ( )

I live in Alder, which is just west of Mt. Ranier about 30 miles, and just east of Eatonville and Puyallup.

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