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Submitted by EARL on 02/18/2004. ( ANT / TAX )

I know this has nothing to do with politics,SORRY but what happened to BIG MOUTH JAY ?

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This response submitted by The Rookie on 02/18/2004 at 13:56. ( NaturesTrophies@aol )


EARL, Apparently Ken Was Successful In Getting Rid Of Him...

This response submitted by BB on 02/18/2004 at 14:42. ( varmit_hunter2002@yahoo.com )

At least for now anyway. Jay is now resorting to vulgar emails and impersonation via email, since he's unable to get on the message board. He's problably thinking someone will copy and paste his Toiletries(sp) here so he'll still be 'heard.' NOT! I hope Ken is successful in keeping him off of here! I agree with The Rookie, GOOD RIDDENCE! BB


This response submitted by Jeff @ Jeff's Taxidermy on 02/18/2004 at 20:44. ( mountman@netins.net )

He has resorted to threats through email....expect 1 soon if you haven't already got it.
I copied mine and will take action if it doesn't stop.


This response submitted by BB on 02/19/2004 at 00:54. ( varmit_hunter2002@yahoo.com )

YaHoo does NOTHING! At least they didn't a year ago... Good Luck! Sincerely, BB

and you wonder why....

This response submitted by *** on 02/19/2004 at 09:45. ( )

people like me dont leave their e-mail address anymore.

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