Best ear glue I've used . . .

Submitted by Tony H. on 02/19/2004 at 19:34. ( )

Sometimes you just stumble onto things that work by accident. This was clearly one of those times.

I'd been using Epo-Grip fast-set on my deer ears with McKenzie's liners. 90 percent of the time was fine. But on occassion I didn't get the ear dry enough (maybe oil from tanning as George suggested in earlier post) and I'd get a flawed bond when cured. Not awful but I could tell some areas weren't tight.

Anyway . . . Being Mr. Clumsy, I stepped on one of the Epo-Grip containers and made an big, big mess and put myself in a situation where I had a hide ready to go and no glue for the ear. I could have tried the hide paste but headed to good ole Wal-Mart instead to see if I could make do with some 5-min. epoxy. They were out of it. So, on a whim, I grabbed some of Elmer's Ultimate Bond. It's a polyurethane glue. It was $4 for the bottle.

Incredible. It requires moisture to bond -- perfect for wet-tanned ears. It also expands slightly as it cures and it perfectly recreates that fleshy feel of a live ear by expanding just slightly. I've now used that one $4 bottle on 10 deer and it's not yet half gone. Drumming is completely eliminated. I'm sold and will use it exclusively from now on. Just thought I'd pass on a tip.

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Thanks for the tip!

This response submitted by J. Adams on 02/20/2004 at 06:03. ( )

Thanks for the tip! I've been down the same road with the Epo-Grip fast set and have recently tried the Epo-Grip Waterbased for everything, including the ears. So far, I'm more pleased with the water based than I am with the fast set. It also leaves the ears a nice clean shade of pink that requires very little, if any painting.

I was too chicken . . .

This response submitted by Tony H. on 02/20/2004 at 11:27. ( )

I admit I was too chicken to try the water-based on the ears. I was concerned about its adhesion to the plastic liner. It's much different than the texture of the foam form. But, honestly, I would pay $20-30 a bottle for this Ultimate stuff from Elmer's. It's just perfect for how I use it. My ears are a bit damp because I use McKenzie's tan and wash it all after tanning. So it's impossible not to have some moisture there. This glue NEEDS that moisture to bond. It's outstanding for me. Just don't use too much because it does expand and you can get an ear that's too thick for your liking.

Adhesion is not a problem

This response submitted by J. Adams on 02/20/2004 at 12:50. ( )

So far, I have not had a problem with the adhesion. I really like to the color that it leaves the ear after drying. Also, I dont use the plastic liners, I use the Celastic ones. As for the "Ultimate" stuff from elmers, I may just have to pick up a bottle and try it. Hell, at $4.00, I have nothing to lose. Thanks again!

Just tried it

This response submitted by Wildwood on 02/21/2004 at 18:59. ( )

I was in the same situation> This stuff really does a good job.


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 02/21/2004 at 21:21. ( )

Its called Elmer's Ultimate Glue. Just in case you have trouble finding it using "bond" in the name.

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