best way to clean a deer scull

Submitted by wanna know on 02/21/2004 at 09:17. ( )

i have a rack of a w.t. that has been cut off the scull. Who can tell me the best way to clean the dryed out tough flesh that still remains? seems almost as tough as the bone itself. could i soak it without weaking the scull? would boiling it ruin or discolor the antlers?

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Skull Moron!

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Learn to spell.


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Read the archives before posting a question.. the forum rules clearly state that before you post you should do this to avoid repeat questions.

Here is how to find the info you need

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If you click on the orange "Search" button on the left and type in "skull cleaning", you can read over 300 responses to this question.


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Even if you type in "scull cleaning", you can find 8 matches!

sorry for my incorect spelling

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Soke It!

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Spell Check

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judgeing = judging

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Thow it in a bucket of water

This response submitted by mike on 02/28/2004 at 02:46. ( )

I would throw it in a bucket of water and for get about it for a month or two. It will be fine and if you want to help the prosess along drop some rid-x in there too. Pull it out every now and then and pick or spray with a hose all the loose meat off and countinue this prosess until clean. This will get you some what closer to what you want. Good Luck!

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