Shaving too close?

Submitted by Tommy Crow on 02/24/2004 at 17:07. ( )

I think I know the answer, but I'd like validation. I've read through the archives, but didn't find any reference to my problem. I'm an amatuer (probably obvious), but I've done four deer mounts. The last was the first time I've had substancial hair loss, in straight lines. I suspect my scalpel wasn't at the right angle when shaving and I cut through the hair follical, causing the hair to fall out. Luckily, this happened on the back of neck, near the stitch, so, when hung, it is not noticable, but God forbid I should make such a mistake elsewhere. Am I correct in assuming this is the likely cause of the hair loss?

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More than likely

This response submitted by neal wright on 02/24/2004 at 17:14. ( )

Thats more than likely your problem. Unless you had folds when you salted, and pickled. You dont want to go too thin. Go down to you start to see a blue tint to the skin. I know Ill get hounded for this, but, you dont have to thin the area you mentioned. Thin around the edge of the incision. Thin the face, and other problem areas well. I know when I used a scalphel to thin I concentrated on the face and other detail areas the most.


This response submitted by Tommy Crow on 02/24/2004 at 17:21. ( )

FYI, I don't pickle and tan. I'm sure every pro will roll his/her eyes at that statement, but I've had good results without it, using a DP, both with birds and deer. I do it for myself, and to my untrained eye, they come out great. I'm sure I'll hear a wealth of responses as to why this won't work. But thanks for your response. I'm completely self-taught (no books or video, just trial, error and a taxidermy catalog), and I just discovered this web site. It's great. Again, thanks so much for your response.


This response submitted by neal wright on 02/24/2004 at 17:33. ( )

Its your choice what method you choose. For birds, and small mammals thats all I use. For anything larger than a squirrel or mink, ITS TANNED. I guarantee you if you ever mount a properly thinned, and tanned skin; you'll never go back to DP for large game. But, If your happy with DP, go for it. The choice is yours.

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