problem with meder deer form

Submitted by Ray on 02/24/2004 at 21:29. ( )

Usually use McKenzie deer formsbut thought I'd try meder 562 fullsneak .....Looks like necks way to short! any one noticed this problem with meder forms ? THANX RAY

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I love when people question the sculptors skills.

This response submitted by John C on 02/24/2004 at 22:28. ( )

I know several taxis that claim McKenzies forms look like Giraffes, others say the faces are to heavy and like you the neck is to short to to suite your needs.

So whos is correct? IMHO all are correct, Joe's Forms Briskets work out great for me as do the neck length. One reason they may seem short to you is the that you need to work on taxiing the skin, you can sure get the brisket aligned quickly. No mater how you flesh and shave the cape you are going to stretch the cape long head to brisket.

Work on adjusting this and you will find you can go one maybe two sizes larger on the form. This will make the fur/hair look a lot more life-like.

You will find Ben Mears forms are the same way, but then people try to stretch the hide bigger than it should be.

My suggestion is find a form you like, learn to like them and how the work for you. You will turnout better mounts higher quality too.

Give Noonkesters new forms a try.

Get a form from each supply company and hang them side by side look, measure and compare, now tell us who is right?

Dennis Behn, worked for the Denver Museum. He could be wrong!

Joe Meder, World Champion. Has live deer to study from. Knows more about deer than most of us ever will.

Ben Mears, has won more 1st place ribbon on deer most of us ever hope to.

Joe Combs, carries a lot of weight in taxidermy circles.

Jody Green, Van Dykes has a new line of forms from him. I dont think VD would have wasted thier money if the did not believe he knows deer.

Mike Fraizer, First Honest white-tail, you decide.

Bones Johnson, (Noonies sculptor) I have not mounted on one of those forms, but I sure like the way they look, I hear good things about them.

Rick Carter (WASCO) THis guy knows whitetail deer, his forms are good, he will tell you why his forms have the stature and anatomy.

NOw here is something to think about, I know several people who use forms from all of them, yes they mix and match forms going out the door to thier customers. Thier customers seem to have some complaining about the work. Not the quality but these taxidermist are hurting thier business as the customers cannot get the 2nd or 3rd deer mounted to match the first one.

Maybe when you know everything there is to know about deer you can ship out some forms for us to try.

Good luck!

P.S. I am sure I have missed a sculptor, thats I think does good work. I apologize you can jump on me at the NTA show. hehe

Tried a Meder Pre-set

This response submitted by GPlummer on 02/25/2004 at 01:38. ( )

Customer liked the Meder Straight w/pre-set eyes. Never had a problem with Rinehart pre-set eyes. Didn't notice the Meder eyes until finishing and the hide rock hard tight to the manniken. You guessed it - the pupils were not on the same plane. Left eye looks down. Tough lesson for me!

jody greens new forms

This response submitted by erik on 02/25/2004 at 08:18. ( )

tried one the other day and it was a great fit. it is very similar to the McKenzie 8600 but Jodys form has a great head angle to show of the deers reack. we usually use McKenzies forms on our deer just because they fit and the people love them. Only one problem now with VD. Most of the forms are not availible still. cant wait till they are. Try all of them like john said you will like some and hate others.

In his video

This response submitted by Mike Dunbar on 02/25/2004 at 08:56. ( )

Joe Meder has out on a commercial flehmen pose on a full sneak, one thing he does is work the hide forward as much as possible without having it bunch up. My point being that if you work the hide back off the form as you taxi it, it may be contributing to the "short neck". One thing I have noticed is that the neck seems shorter on the smaller forms more so than on the big ones,as it relates to the deer I have been doing.

deer forms

This response submitted by Laurier on 02/25/2004 at 09:26. ( )

when you order a form the sculpter reference must be from a deer from your area,their are 29 sub-species of white tail so not all manikins will fit properly,also interbreeding of deer can be a problem.I've seen it many times big head ,big feet small body,over bites,under bites. A manikin is only the bases for your mount same as buying a sute and it is tailored to your body tyaxidermy is tailoring the manikin to fit the skin.

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