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i was sent ot archives for this question but I CANT FIND IT THERE.
deer i mounted lost a lot of hair on scalp which was intensified when i sewed it up - i need to replace hair at that spot - how do i go about it to make it look natural - mount has dried

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Ask Bill Yox

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Sorry Bill, I had to lol



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Dang Dave, now i goy coffee in the keyboard..


got even!

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there was an article in Breakthrough

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about this very thing and it was by Larry Bloomquist but not sure what one it was in ? He basically found a patch of hair that was identical to the spot of repair and then have some 5 min.epoxy mixed and ready and then pinch sime of the hair on the patch , trim close to the scalp with razor , dip base of hairs into epoxy and place on repair spot , continue as needed.

now I ask you...

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If youve seen my shining pate, why in the world would you think I would know anything about this? Hahaha. Actually, if the deer scalp is indeed bald, its an easy fix. No other hair pattern besides maybe the brisket is quite as seperate from the sorrounding hair patterns as a brow. Just cut a complete brow from a scrap cape and sew into place. It matches well as it doesnt need to blend around the edges, as its different anyway. Easy accurate fix! Now, if I could only apply that on MY noggin...

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