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What is the best stitch to use when repairing holes in a deer cape. Holes are probably 2 inches and are in the side of the neck. The only stitch I know is the baseball stitch. Please help or give an opionion. Thanks

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Best is the one you can make work.

This response submitted by John C on 02/23/2004 at 12:48. ( Its in the archives, if you dont understand )

you need the deer manual from WASCO

People many of the questions you are asking are covered in the Breakthrough manuals. You need to get them before diving head first into trying tanning or taxidermy.

They are text books, with information that is current!

Somethings have changed a bit, but those books will teach you the basics.

With good basics you can then advance to harder animals and tanning.

Now if you cannot afford the books maybe you better think about finding another hobby.

On top of that the answers you are seeking are already posted here, use the search

Wooo, Scared me.

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For a minute there I was beginning to think Breakthrough Manuals had completely replace the orange button. LOL

Scared me too

This response submitted by BOB on 02/23/2004 at 15:22. ( )

Scared me too! For a minute there I thought that this was a forum where you could ask questions!!

Bob, it is but when you dont know the basics

This response submitted by John C on 02/23/2004 at 21:58. ( )

and dont have any idea what a whip stitch is or a locking stitch, it much easier to see in a book than to explain here. Beside the fact FIVE YEARS of archives.

hum using the search button and typing in sewing, or stitchs how many post did you come up with?

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