Detail in Manikins

Submitted by phil on 02/27/2004 at 12:47. ( )

How do you get the skin folds in the neck of a deer mount. I have always cut ridges or filed them in but I can't get mine to look right. Some mounts have such small rolls in the neck and have good detail, how do I get those in my mounts?

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I build then in

This response submitted by Old man on 02/27/2004 at 13:23. ( )

I build then in using clay mache or magic sculpt. The mache is cheaper but you need to pin the mache in or it will fall off. be careful not to build in folds where they truly could never be. Most forms I have seen have folds where they sould be like in a sharp head turned position. Don't just file groves in the deer form that will look very bad!

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I heard

This response submitted by phil on 02/27/2004 at 13:40. ( )

I have also heard that you can shoot latex caulk in the neck a build you folds that way.


This response submitted by Griz on 02/27/2004 at 13:46. ( )

Deer with the best detail are very thinned skinned. And usually shorter hair. Texas deer are nice for this reason. Plus good taxidermists shave them with a fleshing machine also. Northern deer on the other hand are not going to show much detail unless they have been shaved very well. The long hair still covers a little detail up but shaving is required if you want detail to really show on any deer.
Secondly you need a nice fitting form and great hide paste. It needs to fit tight and to be glued well in the cuts and crevices of detail. I think alot of people really like Epo-Grip or two part epoxies. When i first started out, i ordered the cheap hide paste from my supply company, all it was was a gallon of linoleum glue. Coulda got that at mernards.
Lastly don't get overdetailed. Most deer don't have access to steroids :-)

I am anxios to see what JohnC has to say about this as well as Bill Yox and george. So did i hit the nail on the head guys?

Missed a bit, loose fitting skin will allow more details

This response submitted by John C on 02/27/2004 at 13:50. ( )

Which makes the most noise, a tight fitting drum head or a loose drumhead?

The looser the easier the detail is to put in and keep.

Griz covered it quite well.

This response submitted by George on 02/27/2004 at 15:28. ( )

Any good hide paste will work, and (here's the unabashed sales pitch)if you use a Taxi-Tuk tool, you can simple press the loop down against the mannikin and form the wrinkle in the hide and not in the form. Start with your most forward wrinkle and work the hide up from the rear. When it's done, don't stretch the hide tight against the backboard, but rather lay it across and staple it in place.

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