deer hair sticking up

Submitted by totally baffled on 9/15/04 at 8:25 PM. ( )

ok I have checked the archives and didnt find what I needed. I have a mount that was professionally wet tanned. I mounted the cape and noticed the hair was sticking up in alot of places. I did not over stretche the hide I groomed it properly and even put Panty hose on it to keep the hair down. I let it dry for several weeks before I could get back to it andstarted to do the finish work. Now I am at the same problem. the hair is still sticking up and the mountis totally dry. I did the hair gel thing and the panty hose thing . now what? I never really had this kind of thing happen. usually if there is some hair up some gel would take care of it . any suggestions. maybe something with heat? who knows. thanks in advance;.

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In reference to Alfalfa...

This response submitted by Susan on 9/15/04 at 8:37 PM. ( )

Did this varmint have cowlicks when you received it to mount? -Susan

stuck up hair

This response submitted by Mr. T on 9/15/04 at 10:03 PM. ( )

while it is freshly mounted and wet, I pin window screen on it. I slide the screen downward over the cowlick to hold the hair down flush with the rest of the hair, pin it,then I spray Knobloch's stopslip on the problem area, spray it heavy to get the stopslip to soak in, then let it dry. The hair will be stiff, but stuck down as if it had hair spray.


This response submitted by Michelle B on 9/15/04 at 10:07 PM. ( )

Use regular hair gel, mousse, or pomade. Rub in your hands and in the hair screen if necessary til dry.

belive it or not

This response submitted by Mike on 9/15/04 at 11:48 PM. ( )

I used modge podge to keep the hair down on a mount i had problems with and it worked a hell of alot better than any gel I tryed.I would use it again if the problem were to arise!Give it a tryt and I know it will keep the hair down.

Show Groom

This response submitted by Steve on 9/16/04 at 7:56 AM. ( )

I've had good luck with a product called Show Groom from Van Dykes. It is made for livestock show competitions. Works great on problem areas.

to dry

This response submitted by Dean on 9/16/04 at 8:32 AM. ( )

I have run into that problom years back. The wet tanned cape is to dry. The skin and hair is a little to dry and has created a twist in the hide causing the hair to stand up. It is most likely from being bunched up after tanning or being bagged up. It started to dry goofy. I sray (mist)both sides of the cape with a spray bottle of water, let it set for a few minutes while I get other things ready. When you get the cape in place for the final fit before sewing, brush it out with a stiff brush. I use a wire brush. It will staighten out those twisted spots and relaxes the hide. You won't believe how much more the cape relaxes after spaying it down. Wet tan is great but you can't just slap it on a form and call it good. Tanneries seem to get them a little to dry probably for shipping weight and so they don't leak during shipping. Putting the blame on cowlicks is not the answer. Deer very seldom many. If they do it is on the forehead or the back of neck where it meets the shoulder. In the all the years I raised deer I only had one that you could say had a cowlick. It was a doe with a mane. You also shouldn't have to screen or card down a cape to hold the hair in place if it is tanned shaved properly or skin is taxied to the correct place.


This response submitted by jim on 9/16/04 at 10:36 AM. ( )

I have used a steamer to solve this type of problem and it worked every time.

Try an ACE bandage

This response submitted by Jerry on 9/16/04 at 8:17 PM. ( )

Wet the skin thoroughly and carefully wrap it. Let it dry with the bandage on it.

Ace is right

This response submitted by nate on 9/16/04 at 11:25 PM. ( )

I would use a steamer then placing a little hair gel, the thick goopy stuff not the spray stuff, then wrap the ACE bandage around it. I would leave it for about a week or so...this has helped me. I would also tend to agree with Dean above. Good luck.


This response submitted by getting less baffled on 9/18/04 at 11:54 AM. ( )

I have tried alot of the above I am gonna give the steam a try. I'll keep you posted thanks again

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