Licking branch work

Submitted by Jim B on 9/19/04 at 8:50 PM. ( )

What is the easiest or best way to preserve a real tree limb (with some foilage) so I can hang it on the wall near some mounts?

Is there a simple spray preserve?

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One way

This response submitted by Len on 9/20/04 at 5:27 PM. ( )

You can cut off a limb from a pin oak once the leaves have turned brown. Pin oaks retain their leaves all winter. Then use some elmers glue and apply some glue where the leaves attach by the bud.( do this while the leaves are still attached) Then use hair spray and spray heavily on the leaves a couple of times. The leaves will stay attached and flexible for years. You can always apply hair spray again if you want after a couple of years to help retain their flexability. Hope this helps.

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