Blacktail Deer form.....and catologs....please

Submitted by MichelleW on 9/30/04 at 12:42 PM. ( )

First off...I bought a blacktail cape for a set of antlers I have. I have a Reaserch Manikin Catolog that hase a few blacktail Manikins in it. The problem for me is their is not a larg variety of sizes to choose from. Does any onther supplier cary Blacktail forms? Thanks

Michelle W

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deer form

This response submitted by randall on 9/30/04 at 1:48 PM. ( )

pick one for size and overhaul it.


This response submitted by Danny on 9/30/04 at 3:40 PM. ( )

They have 13 pages of blacktail forms! You'll not find a bigger or better selection of blacktail forms anywhere.

Sorry for the late post...

This response submitted by Bill@Real Life on 10/7/04 at 12:08 AM. ( )

...but if you're still looking, I would suggest the West Coast Taxidermy line. They work well for BC black-tails. If you are mounting a rutting buck, just sculpt in some added neck to give it some "shoulders". I like them because they have that Roman nose so typical of mature bucks out here...I just wish they had more sizes in the forms they would reduce the amount of extra work to do....good luck. I have tried using Research's small Mule Deer forms (Bill Lancaster wall pedestals) for bigger hybrid black-tails and they are a nice fit too, just need a bit more Roman in the nose and a bit more "shoulders" in the neck.

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