scissor sharpening

Submitted by matt on 9/30/04 at 6:27 PM. ( )

i have a pair of taxidermy scissors that i bought from WASCO a year ago they are gettin pretty dull. where would i get these sharpened or could i purchase something to sharpen scissors.

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Use a glass Beer Bottle

This response submitted by Coyote on 9/30/04 at 6:38 PM. ( )

And use a cutting motion on the small part of the neck. It'll Sharpen up your sissor's quick.


knife sharpener

This response submitted by newbirdman on 9/30/04 at 6:40 PM. ( )

Matt , either use a stone that you would use for sharpening knives or bring it to a place they does blade sharpening . Check your phone book . Rick


This response submitted by Ron on 9/30/04 at 11:29 PM. ( )

Get a paper wheel system, you can sharpen almost anything, including scalpel blades

Not really guys

This response submitted by George on 10/1/04 at 12:21 AM. ( )

Those things work, but they don't really SHARPEN scissors. They actually HONE them. Sharpening them takes a 1 inch belt sander with varying grades of sandpaper. I start with 400 and go to 1000 grit. Then I strop the edge to break it for actual sharpening.

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