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Submitted by Glen Conley on 9/24/04 at 2:30 AM. ( )

Have you signed up for a chance at the free website that Jason is offering? I know you are a little on the bashful side, and probably wouldn't sign up for something that's free. With that being said, I came up with the top ten reasons as to WHY you should take your chances.

10. If you win, it's FREE! (Almost sounds as if that should be the number one reason.)

9. Jason could no doubt create one major cool logo with a photo of one of your penned bucks.

8. Your odds are better than the lottery.

7. You will not have to stand out on the street corners of beautiful downtown Brockport this winter, with winds and chill factors well below zero, passing out business cards.

6. People could download photos of you, print them out on their printers, and give them away for Christmas presents.

5. You could add your website address to your message on your voice mail, and tell people they could download photos of you from the site, print them out, and give them away for Christmas presents.

4. You could draw customers from as far away as Hilton, Gates, or even as far away as Albion.

3. You automatically get a spot on the World's Purdiest Taxidermists Directory. You would be featured with such taxidermy greats as Jeanette Hall, and Texas taxidermist Evelyn Mills Texas taxidermist Evelyn Mills Texas taxidermist Evelyn Mills.

2. Some one else has to do all the cerebral work, that frees up your mind for other things, like reading nonsense like this.

Aaaaaand the NUMBER ONE reason!

You ain't got one!

Addendum: wwwyox is not a domain name (yet), or a website address, but the abbreviation for Bill's new nick name, Witty Wild Willie Yox.

The actual, factual reason for this thread was to create a shameless plug for Jason's website services, but in the hopes that wwwyox would actually enter and win. That could save me a bunch on Christmas presents.

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Go away Glenn ;-)

This response submitted by Barry on 9/24/04 at 7:31 AM. ( nope )

Ya'll don't listen to Glen cause it betters my odds of getting drawn :-)


This response submitted by Jeff F. on 9/24/04 at 11:07 AM. ( NaturesTrophies,aol )

have to excuse Glen. He's been testing Stop Rot on his headaches. We won't get into how he's testing the Hard Tissue Tonic!(LOL) Peace- Jeff F.

Barry, if you DO win,

This response submitted by Glen on 9/24/04 at 2:42 PM. ( )

you better be photogenic enough that I can print off your picture to give away for Christmas presents.

Jeff, I suppose you want a ww title in front of your name now? You just wait 'til Bill catches this thread. You'll see how he got the www title.


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 9/24/04 at 4:36 PM. ( )

Id love to think those pretty girls of yours helped you with that nickname, but then again Im not sure what that means either! OK, walk my thick skull through this, as I havent been following along. Beating up on imbececil takes up most of my limited online time...

Pretty girls of "mine"?

This response submitted by Glen on 9/24/04 at 6:57 PM. ( )

Flattery will get you every thing. Actually, a lot of the above information is in the Archives, or on the current message boards, but since you did the flattery thing....

When you and I were talking about websites, back a number of weeks ago, Jason is the website guy I was telling you about.

When he first came on the Forums late last year, and announcing his website offers, I thought it was B.S. Jeanette had him to build her website for her towards the end of last year, and has raved about it since, with good reason.

He kept coming on here with his offers. I wound up calling him up, and talking to him. It did not take long to figure out that Jason is nerd. He also has an admiration for taxidermy. He has been offering his talents to the taxidermy community at costs that are in many cases, less than what it would cost a do-it-yourselfer. The graphics logos that he uses on his client's sites, he makes those. Many of them were designed around actual taxidermy mounts of the client's. He's a mega talent on that end, and also offers logo design.......but that's a different price, but he includes that extra for taxidermists in the site design.

Jason and I shot a number of ideas back and forth to each other regarding promoting taxidermy, and taxidermists. In April, Jason and I teamed up with his first clients, and we started the first taxidermist directory on It has all been growing from there.

I set up the site for Terry Lipscomb, owner of Quality Taxidermy Supply, right at three months ago. Terry liked our concept of promoting taxidermists, and as a result, a taxidermist directory is now on his site also.

Jason decided to give away a free site in a drawing, with expenses out of his pocket, and his time.

There's a post in The Taxidermy Industry titled, "Only A few days left for a chance at A FREE Website for you!"

That will bring you up to snuff. Now go enter and win. I need to do something to cut down on expenses around Christmas time.

hey Yoxy

This response submitted by Jeanette Hall on 9/24/04 at 8:09 PM. ( )

I think it is a marverous idea! You really do need a web site... hmmmmmm I liiiiikkkkeeee the sound of that! What kind of pictures would you be posting? Hows about that one of you in the godzilla shirt.... LOL! Or was it the Hulk? It has been so lonk I can't remember. Sheesh, I'm still just over 6 months away from turning 30 and my mind is already gone. Anyhow, as one of Glen's Girls, I urge you to heed what he is saying. I'm waiting to print out these naughty Christmas pics...

Photogenic as Bill no way !

This response submitted by Barry on 9/24/04 at 10:05 PM. ( nope )

There's no way I can be as photogenic as Bill is. I've seen his mug on Yox's Yaks and I can't make the grade. I can offer my picture for Halloween cards though....LOL


btw - Jason's working up my website as we speak and will reimburse me after drawing my name. But the truth be known you CAN'T beat the price he is offering. Just the logo he came up with for me is awesome work!

aint that funny

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 9/24/04 at 11:09 PM. ( )

Sure, photographers just LOVE my mug. I help them with additional flash, via the bald spots! Ummm, Jeanette, was it the Tarzan shirt?

I remember!

This response submitted by Jeanette on 9/25/04 at 12:20 AM. ( )

It WAS the Tarzan shirt! I somehow misplaced that picture... Don't suppose you have another one where you are holding a huge set

of horns! I was very impressed ;)

See how nice

This response submitted by Barry Buras on 9/25/04 at 12:27 AM. ( )

I was Bill and never brought up the flash feature. LOL

Godzilla shirt, Hulk shirt, Tarzan shirt,

This response submitted by Glen on 9/25/04 at 1:48 AM. ( )

Barry, sounds like you're going to have to get one of those t shirts with the big S on the front of it if you are going to keep up with the Yoxs.

I do like the sound of "Glen's Girls". You have to admit, that sounds so-o-o much more dynamic than Charlie's Angels. Picture this, an Angel mounting a deer scrotum on a plaque. Couldn't picture it could ya?

In closing, may the best shirt win. I'll be looking forward to adding Godzilla, Hulk, Tarzan, or the big S to the directories.


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 9/25/04 at 1:17 PM. ( )

Youll do just fine, whether you point out my shine or not. I gotta figure I can laugh at me first, you all second. Actually, that little vixen Jeanette is thinking of how to get a good looking guy OUT of one of those shirts...

Better get in on it!

This response submitted by Computer Nerd on 9/30/04 at 4:36 PM. ( )

Thank you all, I almost jerked a tear from all of this. You heard 'em! If you have a taxidermy business, then you should register for my FREE Taxidermy Website Giveaway Here...
or just send me an email with your name, address, taxidermy business name and telephone. Please visit my other businesses when you get the chance.

Nerds Rule!

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