Touching Up Eyes and Nose on Whitetail

Submitted by Eric on 2/23/05 at 7:57 PM. ( )

Have a whitetail mount that is 5 years old. The nose and eyes are not as shiny as another new mount that I just had done. What do I use to touch them up? A clear gloss lacquer? Water base polyurethane? OK to use small artist's type brush?

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windex and a q-tip

This response submitted by John C on 2/23/05 at 9:40 PM. ( )

fir the nose a qiuck even spray gloss from wally world, dont waste you money on a high dollar one, a cheap gloss will work.

The area around the eyes...

This response submitted by Craig on 2/24/05 at 8:14 PM. ( )

should not be glossy but more of a dull satin.

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