Submitted by Anna on 4/3/05 at 5:42 PM. ( )

I am going to use Krowtann for the first time. I have already salted my deer hides, is this going to be a problem? PLEASE help me out a little.
Thanks... Anna

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Not a problem

This response submitted by J.Randall on 4/3/05 at 6:27 PM. ( )

Won't cause you any problem, just shake off any excess salt and if they are dried hard you will need to soak them in plain water for a little while to soften them up before putting them in the Krowtann.


This response submitted by Anna on 4/3/05 at 9:44 PM. ( )

Thanks I was worried about that.

Plain Water?

This response submitted by John on 4/3/05 at 11:06 PM. ( )

Rehydrate only in a brine solution! 1 LB of salt to every gallon of water.

use krowoil with it

This response submitted by paul e on 4/4/05 at 7:26 AM. ( )

use krow oil with it
youll get fantastic stretch
i use it from the base of the ears on down

krow oil vs McKenzie oil

This response submitted by ralph on 4/4/05 at 11:16 AM. ( )

is there any difference?

throw salted...

This response submitted by terryr on 4/5/05 at 12:45 AM. ( )

skins directly into krowtann - no need to rehydrate - that is what happesns in krowtann

stick to one manufacturer if you can

This response submitted by paul e on 4/5/05 at 7:41 AM. ( )

in general try to stick to one manufacturers stuff
oil probably does not matter but im no expert
i use the krowoil and could not imagine getting better results
fantastic stretch and almost non existent shrink

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