Antler restoration?'s

Submitted by LHB on 4/4/05 at 7:24 AM. ( )

Hi guys, I have a deer skull with antlers attached that I found in the woods while shed hunting. The antlers are in pretty good shape but have some chew marks (some fairly deep) and are bleached out pretty good. Would they be easily restorable? I would like to save the rack as it is quite large, netting over 240 BC NT.


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Should Be Easy

This response submitted by James Parrish on 4/4/05 at 7:54 AM. ( )

I use Apoxie Sculpt to repair deer antlers all the time. I usually rebuild the area and texture the apoxie sculpt with a paper towel (so it doesn't look glossy). Then, after it drys, I paint/stain the area to match the rest of the antlers. In your case, you will need to stain the whole rack. Search the archives for procedure.

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