I got a complaint from a customer

Submitted by Mike on 3/2/05 at 8:13 AM. ( )

I got a complaint from a customer about the tear ducts on a deer head I did for him last year. I mounted the tear ducts closed on that mount. I do tear ducts on mounts both ways: eithor open or closed. He said it didn't look right to him, so I showed him some reference photos of a dozen deer with closed tear ducts and he still didn't like the look. All the other mounts that other taxidermists had done for him had open tear ducts. He contracted with me for another deer head this year and requested open tear ducts on that one. My question is: Should I add another line to my work order that specifies eithor closed or open tear ducts? My contract now stipulated the position of the ears, tye of eyes desired and other details spicific to that mount. My work orders are probably the most detailed I've ever seen in taxidermy. I sometimes wonder if it is too complex and requres customers to make too many decisions. What mount details do you ask your customers to choose from?

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This response submitted by James Parrish on 3/2/05 at 8:27 AM. ( )

On my work order, I have a section called "Other". I can write in any specific details there. If they say they want the deer's nose red, I put it down there. Unless they specify it at the time of drop-off, they will get closed tear ducts...it's my preference.


This response submitted by Brian on 3/2/05 at 9:21 AM. ( )

I dont think we should be giving the customers so much control over what a mount is like....I know that sounds funny , but for instance last year a customer wanted the ear of his mount to be pointed a certain way, so I did it, it looked bad to me , he said he liked it..
I was at this guys house not long ago and had a fresh look at the mount, I hate it even more than I did last year.....Its the only mount I have out there that I`m not proud of........

If I ever have to let the customers dictate all that stuff like Mike is then I quit.....and thats final.......

I have heard several of you guys talking about letting the customer look through your catalogs and picking out the forms and turns that they would like.........All I offer them in a mount is the three basics
upright, semi sneak and sneak, then right , left turn, or straight...

How is a customer supposed to know which form will fit correctly......
most of the time customers come in and pick out the biggest rack in a taxi studio and say I want mine just like that...


This response submitted by Todd B on 3/2/05 at 10:09 AM. ( )

You are limiting your business by doing that. I will mount my customers trophy according to my ability to do the job and his ability to pay for it. When you refuse to do a deer the way your customer wants it just send him over to me. I will take his money.

Todd B

contract/work order

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 3/2/05 at 12:36 PM. ( )

I just have an open area on my invoices, which is for text. I write down what the customer and I talk about, as a description.

People actually complain about such things

This response submitted by Anus the Anal Customer on 3/2/05 at 1:33 PM. ( )

Damn what do they want to take it home and make love to it. I can understand if you got to much magic sculp in there. But closing up the tear duct is the only way I'll ever go. By looking at the heads in your shop he should have spoke up and said how he wanted it. Seems like the customer never knows what kind of time and effort we put into taxidermy.

Leave it to the Taxidermist

This response submitted by TR on 3/2/05 at 1:53 PM. ( )

Add a box to check on your forms "Leave it to the Taxidermist" and watch how many customers check it. When they bring something in to be mounted you may not be seeing exactly what he has in mind, and he may not be able to explan clearly what that is. So why not get his approval to do what looks best. Be sure there is a place for him to sign the form. TR

I don't know

This response submitted by Alex on 3/2/05 at 2:36 PM. ( )

After 40 years in the business ,I have never had a complaint about tear ducts.
Are you over discussing the mounts ? and you are making the customer expect too much.

if all of his other mounts are open tear ducts and you showed him reference pics, then his other mounts are wrong and yours is right.

most people...

This response submitted by Bill on 3/2/05 at 7:32 PM. ( dish2ndnat@aol.com )

just get confused with so many choices and options. i let them pick a pose, but unless they come right out and ask for a specific something, i let the mount come to life as im working on it. we always look at my display mounts, and they hardly ever ask for anything different from what they see. most customers are more than willing to let you decide for them.


This response submitted by paul on 3/2/05 at 7:57 PM. ( )

i have an area with about 5 blank lines marked other, heres where we write comments on special requests and note any extra charges for damages or special alterations and such, having studied live deer a bit i dont think having the pre orbitals open slightly is all wrong, and if requested i would do it, i wont however do any work that is disstastefull, and allways give the customer an option on the expression they want, eyes ears etc. i will however try to guide them in the right direction on anatomical correctness and what may help their trophy look its best. be confident in your trade and your customers will appreciate your knowledge and proffessionalism.

Tell Him.....

This response submitted by Rob on 3/2/05 at 8:04 PM. ( )

To take his deer back to the " other " taxidermist that does them like he likes them. I wonder why he took his business elsewhere in the first place? Maybe no one can satisfy him!

the customer is not always right

This response submitted by mike c on 3/2/05 at 10:27 PM. ( )

Mount it your way and if they don't like it,tough. I always try to make customer happy, but for some there is no use. The pain in the asses will cost you money in the long run by wasting your time.Tell them to go jump off of a bridge. Sincerely

Its called "Artistic License"

This response submitted by Hogger on 3/3/05 at 3:57 AM. ( )

I pursue my customers on mannikin position and turn direction and that's usually it. Anything after that the customer has to come up with it himself and request it, like ear direction. And still I don't allow it to get out of hand. I tell them that they have to allow me some artistic license and let me handle the details like tear ducts, wrinkles, muscle definition, hair pattern, antler tilt, etc. The vast majority of customers are civil about it and understand. The few that don't I turn away because it's a clear sign of someone that you are not likely to satisfy no matter what. I had one customer who wanted me to call him before I attached the antlers because he wanted to be there to tell me how he wanted it tilted. NO WAY! If I gotta have the customer there supervising me I don't want his business!

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