Fire Damaged Antlers

Submitted by Bwana on 3/3/05 at 12:54 PM. ( )

I had a customer who had a house fire. Several of his mounts were destroyed but he had a couple of deer racks that weren't burnt. The antlers were hot enough that now they are brittle and porous. Does anyone know of a product that might stabilize these racks? Is there something that would soak in to the antlers and adhere them back together?

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This response submitted by Danny on 3/3/05 at 4:08 PM. ( )

I'm really just thinking out load here. I think I would get something like Elmer's wood glue and water it down, then brush all over the rack. I'd wipe off the outside, but let it fill in the cracks. Just a thought, but I think it would help.

"out loud"

This response submitted by Danny on 3/3/05 at 4:49 PM. ( )

That is.....

Use Epo-Grip two part hide paste

This response submitted by John C on 3/3/05 at 11:14 PM. ( )

Yea you heard me!

Do your best to reinforce the antlers with wire layed in a groove super glue then in or use fast seating epoxy, use short pieces and over lap them around the outside.

Apoxie Sculpt to cover the wires and texture.

Now use E-G 2 part hide paste and give the whole antler a even coating. once this sets paint with almond Krylon and color to you likes.

$200.00 per set unless huge or nontypical.

Best Bet

This response submitted by Old Fart on 3/5/05 at 10:50 AM. ( )

Get a coat of clear epoxy on the antlers as soon as possible. I had one several years ago that went through a fire of extreme temperatures, but the flames didn't touch it. The tips of the points were so brittle that just touching them would cause them to crumble slightly. I couldn't even use Apoxy Sculpt to fix the chips, it just got worse with the attempt. Recoloring it was out of the question, preservation was the only thing that could be done with it. Good Luck

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