Question, McKenzie ear, McKenzie forms

Submitted by Jon S on 3/4/05 at 7:50 AM. ( )

A lot of times when I use the natralook earliners, the ear butts will not set flush against the form because the antlers tip them out, leaving a large gap between the top part of the ear butt and the form. Usually I just fill the gap with clay. Should I trim the bottom part of the ear butt so the liner sets flush against the form? Sometimes I have trouble closing the Y incision, and I was thinking that may be the cause.

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This response submitted by vern on 3/4/05 at 12:17 PM. ( )

i will trim bottom of the butt of the liner to positin i like ; than add a ring of clay.on the meder video;he says ear butts should be no longer than an inch and a eigth from the notch of the ear.might make closing the Y better.just my iam sure thiers others.

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