Fastening skull to European panel?

Submitted by John on 3/4/05 at 9:24 PM. ( )

How do you do fasten your skulls to the panel for a wall hung european mount. Just curious to see how others do and maybe there is any easier way than my method.
thanks for the responses ahead of time

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This response submitted by paul bunyan on 3/4/05 at 10:48 PM. ( )

Cut the back of the skull off and bondo a block of wood in place.

Stainless 18 gauge wire

This response submitted by Rob on 3/5/05 at 6:58 AM. ( )

I use this because it is stronger than the regular wire, which breaks when you twist it up. I put those little " felt " dots that are sticky on one side under the points where the skull contacts the panel. I use two pieces of wire, attached to the jaw hinge on both sides of the skull ( hidden as best as I can )and run it down the jaw hinge to the point where it touches the panel. I drill a small hole through the panel on each side and run the wire through and twist it up!

Plastic drywall anchors

This response submitted by Tom on 3/5/05 at 8:11 AM. ( )

1. Bondo a plastic drywall screw anchor into the back of the skull.
2. Attach two small dots of white felt on the last two back teeth.
3. Drill and counter sink a hole in the underside of your panel.
4. Run drywall screw from under panel into drywall anchor.
5. Quick and easy. Good luck.

Drywall screw anchor can be found at lumber supply companys HomeDepot, Lowes, Etc.

Toggle bolts.

This response submitted by Steve-o on 3/7/05 at 11:59 AM. ( )

I use 1/8" by 3" toggle bolts. Drill a hole in the bottom of the skull where the bone is the thickest and strongest (maybe an inch or so from the back of the skull). Drill a hole in your plaque. Then you can hold the toggle bolt with forceps or long needle-nose pliers and fish it in through the hole in the back of the skull while putting the bolt in from the bottom side of the plaque. It takes a little fishing around, but once you get the bolt threads caught in the toggle you can tighten it down and the bolt will hardly be visible.

Best of luck,


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