Whitetail Ears

Submitted by Jeff S. 3/7/05 on 3/7/05 at 8:29 PM. ( )

I was experimenting for first time with taking out ear cartlige for mounting purposes. Had some difficulting, made some holes in both ears, some holes appear to be large, what's the best way to repair.

Thank you, Jeff

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It's been covered here...

This response submitted by Mike on 3/7/05 at 10:23 PM. ( )

many times over, try searching with the orange button.

dryer sheet

This response submitted by KIM on 3/8/05 at 1:20 AM. ( )

Dryer sheet works best for me just glue it inside of ear on the hole.

Dryer sheet

This response submitted by Steve on 3/8/05 at 2:24 AM. ( )

Dryer sheet and super glue on the inside of the ear.

Mike don't be a jerk!

This response submitted by Jeff on 3/8/05 at 8:12 AM. ( )

This is my first time using the forums, why don't you calm down!

dryer sheets work on fish fins also

This response submitted by mike the jerk on 3/8/05 at 9:48 PM. ( )

dryer sheets work the same as silk span for backing fish fins
useing fish fin glue and new or used dryer sheets is cheaper than silkspan and used sheets seem to work as well as new ones so you get
double use out of the sheets.

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