wavy haired whitetail

Submitted by jamie on 3/7/05 at 9:38 PM. ( )

I have just mounted a whitetail that has wavy hair, and I was wondering if any body else has seen this and is there any way to straighten unruly hair.

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Me to

This response submitted by Kim on 3/8/05 at 1:15 AM. ( )

I also just mounted one with wavy hair on the upper shoulders it looks ok I will leave it alone I call them cowlicks.

Did one

This response submitted by JEM on 3/8/05 at 9:00 AM. ( )

Had one a few years ago. The whole thing was wavy - actually the hair was kinky (that is beyond wavy isn't it). It was the weirdest deer I've ever seen. The hair was very sparse as well. Tried to talk the guy outta of it cause I knew it would be one ugly deer head. He wanted it done - he promised not to ever mention my name with that deer head. Sure enough it came out ugly! He was happy as anyone could be - whatever floats your boat. If I were you I'd ask the custoemr what he/she would like you to do with the wavy hair - they might want it as is.

Wet it down

This response submitted by Mike on 3/8/05 at 10:03 AM. ( )

I get weird hair patterns once in a while. I just wet them down good, bush them straight and if needed will pin foam or cardboard on the trouble spots to help keep it straight until dry. For after dried toughups, I use Dipidydo styling gell.


This response submitted by daveh on 3/8/05 at 12:13 PM. ( )

I just wipe the areas down with clay. Just smear it in and let it dry. Brush it out and it should solve your problem.

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