yes another krowtann Q

Submitted by eric on 3/12/05 at 3:59 PM. ( )

I need to know what i can do about a deer hide slipping in the brisket area.I skinned it and there was no slippage at all now that it is tanned it is slipping in brisket area i used krowtann on it I noticed some hair floating during the tanning the face and the neck seem to be alright after i took it out of the tan i put it in the freezer to mount later which it says i can do i hope i didn't hurt it anymore by doing this is there anything i can put on it after it is already tanned and what should be my first steps when taking it out of the freezer for monting that i should do im also worried about putting it in my tumbler like this and to make things worse this is a trophy buck that is irreplacable 8 1/2 x 32 1/2 with distinct scars on face.

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WOW 32 1/2 inch

This response submitted by DEERMEISTER on 3/12/05 at 5:37 PM. ( )

I guess that WOULD be irreplacable! Are you talking about an elk maybe?

Probably not the krowtan

This response submitted by Travis on 3/12/05 at 6:06 PM. ( )

that caused the was either mishandled in the field or could possibly have alot of tick damage in the brisket area. I have done deer that are loaded with ticks in the brisket area and the fur doesn`t tan worth a hoot in this case...if there isn`t any evidence of ticks then it was just simply mishandled...big deer seem to get dragged around town for a day or two before they get to the taxidermists...personally I would skip the tumbling process and continue to mount the deer using caution...quit pulling on the fur--no may tighten back up as it dries..good luck

brying is good

This response submitted by stanley on 3/12/05 at 6:59 PM. ( )

I am new at this but I had a dear cape that had slipage but I let it dry alittle and it is not bad at all now.

Do any of you people have a clue about Krowtann

This response submitted by George on 3/12/05 at 10:52 PM. ( )

IT IS AN ALUM TAN. Do you know anything about chemistry? If you did, you'd realize, for all it's fault as a tan IN MY OPINION, it is the VERY BEST PRODUCT TO ELIMINATE SLIPPAGE. That's what alum does. If you have a hide that slips after it's been put in Krowtann, I can bet a dime to a dollar that the hide was spoiled BEFORE it was placed in the solution and that slipping had already begun. You just didn't notice it.

It's almost inconceivable that a product like this, which was reinvented because of its simplicity and to help people who couldn't find their butts with both hands get professional results with a minimum of effort has boggled so many minds. Krowtann is neither a cure nor a cause for the effects already present in a hide. Basic taxidermy accepts that slippage is always a hazard of tanning. No tannery in the world accepts responsibility for slippage and they all add that disclaimer to their work order sheets. Why would any of you think that your tanning a hide at home would be safer than the environment of a professional tannery?

bad to begin with

This response submitted by paul e on 3/14/05 at 7:55 AM. ( )

your hide was probably bad to begin with
ive done quite a few down here in southern LA.
slippage can get bad very soon
since using stop rot i have saved all of them this year


there is a point of no retern in my experience
but with stoprot and krowtann that experience has been
greatly laid to rest

i have heard of putting stoprot on a tanned cape
havnt done it myself but ibelieve somewhere onthe
whitetail design systems site there is a article on it
and some other great articles also
do yourself a favor and read them all

i agree with George on some of what he said
i dont on some of what he said
ihave used alum years ago on a couple of capes here in LA.
im no expert thats for sure but i can still see
now my experience with alum was limited and i definately could be
wrong and like ive said before George has probably forgot more than i have learned over the years
but the krowtann doesnt act a whole lot like the alum. i used years ago
they had a lot more shrinkage but than krowtann does today
you will get some but not that much
use the krowoil and with a properly fleshed and shaved skin almost none
im not sure if its any easier than liquatan and jrts and the others
in anything there is a learning curve
anyway in my use with it it doesnt act like aa alum tan completely
yes if you read the lable its listed but a whole lot of stuff is listed
all i can say is it sure works
as for as the time issue and alum i look at those deer mounted years ago and yes they look as crappy as the ones i do now

one other thing
George thanks for the taxituck tool it really helps with the pain in my hand great gift to taxidermy

also here is the # to OZARK WOODS 1800 467 0369 if any of you want to talk to some very nice people who have answers to all of any ?
you have about krowtwnn

You should reposition hide in tan

This response submitted by daveh on 3/14/05 at 12:23 PM. ( )

You must take th ehide out at least once a day and reposition it in th etan so that all areas are open to the tan. If hide folds togethor and sticks to itself it will prevent hide from exposure to tan and can cause slipping.

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