Submitted by Chuck on 3/13/05 at 9:12 AM. ( )

I noticed a response on "PEDASTAL BACK" that makes me wonder how long we as a taxidermy community will be around if people keep buying supplies from Wal-mart instead of from our real suppliers like McKenzie,Research Mannikins,WASCO,Van Dykes....the list goes on or does it!

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This response submitted by Jack F on 3/13/05 at 9:20 AM. ( )

I hear ya but. Wal-Mart will never sell the staple supplies we rely on to do business. You can get some nice habitat and some felts there but not manikins or glass eyes, ear liners and such. I don't believe that Wal-Mart is going to hurt the taxidermy industry at all unless they start selling manikins and or taxidermy kits.

I don't think so Chuck

This response submitted by George on 3/13/05 at 9:25 AM. ( georoof@aol.com )

I support our suppliers as much as anyone, but oftentimes they carry ancillary supplies that are ready available from independent sources as well as discount chains. Most times, however, I'm too lazy to drive across town to the Wal-Mart to get an item when I can simply order it along with my other supplies and have the UPS driver deliver it to my door. In fact, I can avoid the baby carriages, the dolts who shop and yell into their cell phones, the parking lot hassle, and the idiots who can't count to 12 in the Express Lane checkout.

How many of you buy your guns, ammunition, fishing supplies and outdoor clothing from Wal-Mart or K-Mart? Beats what the local gun dealer offers you, doesn't it?

Jack F

This response submitted by Chuck on 3/13/05 at 9:27 AM. ( )

with all do respect jack just do some homework on vlassic pickles and wal-mart and see if you can see where i am going with this...please do look into this


This response submitted by Jeff F. on 3/13/05 at 10:30 AM. ( NaturesTrophies@aol )

Chuck, you make a valid point but theres no way I'm paying high shipping rates for something like bondo. You also can get the treasure gold wax for half price. I also like being able to see my habitat materials before I purchase them. JoAnn fabrics has some good stuff as well as the many hobby stores out there. The suppliers are well aware that this is part of the equation but,at the same time, offer different things that are exclusive to the industry. The way they're charging for forms now I can use any cost cutters I can find without sacrificing quality. Peace. Jeff F.

Jeff F

This response submitted by Chuck on 3/13/05 at 11:15 AM. ( )

just remember you said it first "the way there charging for forms right now", thats why theyre charging that much for forms is because theyre are losing money in other areas, so they have to make up for it some where else, thus the high cost of forms.


This response submitted by Jeff F. on 3/13/05 at 12:42 PM. ( )

I believe they justified the latest increase because of the new foam and normal inflation. As much as I like McKenzie forms and shipping times, I will start to use different suppliers when possible.($$) Jeff F.

It's Like Buying Anythng Else

This response submitted by Coyote on 3/13/05 at 12:52 PM. ( coyote@wideopenwest.com )

Everytime you need some kind if auto part, are you going to go to the dealer to buy that part. Some equipment is just cheaper to go out and buy it down the road. I buy all my drywall screws at a home improvement store in 5lb. boxes. All my cape thread or all the thread I use is fishing line (Spiderwire). The same goes for all the galvanized wire I use. A lot of tools like hammers, saws, files, rasps, razor blades, utility brushes, paint brushes,gloves, The list goes on and on. Then again there are other things you can't buy or find without all the suppliers. It's not hurting the suppliers anymore if I buy something from the store down the road. Besides buying a lot of your basic equipment you use everyday will kill you in shipping cost if you buy in bulk like a lot og us do.



This response submitted by Ron on 3/13/05 at 2:19 PM. ( rktaxi@wbsnet.org )

Chuck, I'm the one that mentioned Walmart for some supplies. I've been doing taxidermy for over 20 years and purchase the bulk of my supplies from the real suppliers, but I am also operating a business and if I can save on overhead in my operation or need small items I will do it. I am very familiar with the Vlassic pickle story along with Huffy bicycles and several others that Walmart has ruined, but I live in a rural community and although I don't like their business practices it's the only place within 200 miles that I can get as many items in one place as they have.


This response submitted by Mark on 3/13/05 at 7:10 PM. ( mtmmvruno@lakeland.ws )

My wife works at Walmart and we get a discount from there so I buy certain supplies from them. It seems everyday the taxidermy suppliers raise their prices. Why pay higher than hell shipping cost for something you can purchase locally? I will never be too lazy to save a buck to drive a few miles to town to buy items double and triple marked at our taxidermy suppliers. Call me stupid but some are taking advantage of us in some aspects. Customer service seems to be a great topic among us and a few of our suppliers lack on it. Good luck guys. Mark


This response submitted by paul e on 3/14/05 at 1:23 PM. ( americanmetalfab@bellsouth.net )

im sure this is going to help my reputation

im with George on this one im going to just order from supply companies from now on

last week i went to wal mart
i forgot i took my wifes jimmy
i have a green pick up
when i got out the store i came out a different exit

well after about an hour i called my wife and told her i thought
someone stole the pickup
she started laughing and said well they must have brought it home then

thats it im never going shopping again


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 3/14/05 at 11:54 PM. ( )

The suppliers do NOT raise prices on the forms to offset us not buying that other stuff from them. They only offer that stuff because theres a call for it. Most of you folks have never spent time answering phone calls at a taxidermy supply company, and have no idea the type of calls they receive. Bondo, salt, drywall screws, things that we buy everyday at the local store are in those catalogs because some folks shop all their stuff from the catalog, and the supplier doesnt want to loose that business. Dont feel bad buying ModPodge at the art store instead of our supply companies, its ok. Just dont get caught up in the silliness of using cheap alternatives bought locally as poor replacements for the real thing offered only in our suppliers catalogs!

Whats the

This response submitted by Kayla on 3/14/05 at 11:54 PM. ( )

vlassic pickle story sorry for being clueless and annoying.


This response submitted by Ron on 3/15/05 at 6:12 PM. ( rktaxi@wbsnet.org )

Here is a link to the story and some other information.

Walmart sucks...

This response submitted by Drew on 3/15/05 at 11:54 PM. ( )

I think walmart is hell on earth. That place sucks, they support dumping from other countries like China, Taiwan, India etc. I only go to Walmart if it is the absolute last option. Someday when walmart puts all the little guys out of business, they will have all the demand they can handle for their products. And as everyone knows, demand = ability to charge higher prices. At first they were just another crappy company competing with discount stores. Then they started selling tires, then they started selling groceries, watch, next will come lumber. Meanwhile grocery stores cannot compete, tire shops cannot compete, small drugstores cannot compete, and soon hardware stores won't compete. All because they buy crap from China, good thing they boost China's economy but not ours.

Wal- Mart Fanatic...

This response submitted by Chad on 3/17/05 at 8:08 PM. ( )

... Well "My name is Chad (HI Chad) and I have a Wal-Mart addiction! LOL Yep I agree if it means to save a quarter or two dollars then I will. Yes, I also agree that our economy needs to be worked and improved upon. Heck, If I go there and do not buy anything then at least I get to flirt with some of the cute gals in the shoe department. LOL


This response submitted by Dan on 3/20/05 at 3:05 PM. ( )

I think that if you need something right away than you should buy it at Walmart instead of waiting 2 weeks for stuff to come.

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