need shoulder cape.

Submitted by rich on 3/13/05 at 11:08 AM. ( )

The fur is falling off my deer in clumps so I am looking to replace it with another cape does anyone have any idea on where I can go to purchase this?

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This response submitted by chuck on 3/13/05 at 11:17 AM. ( )

i have been doing deer for a couple years and i am no expert,but i have never had any deer that i have done lose any hair like you are talking about, what is your process of tanning and handling of the hide?


This response submitted by Leo on 3/13/05 at 3:23 PM. ( )

Hey Rich, Just go to the for sale forum and there is always capes for sale.

hair loss

This response submitted by Rich on 3/14/05 at 4:48 PM. ( )

Chuck, I am thinking that the hide got thawed and frozen more times than I was told as it came from michigan and I am in south carolina and just got it. I never got to the point of tanning it. I skinned it out, thinned the lips and turned the ears when it it started falling out in clumps. I purchased some stuff from Van Dykes to help prevent more hair loss but it was too far gone.

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