Need Information on nickle plating a deer skull

Submitted by Tadman on 3/15/05 at 12:44 AM. ( )

I wish to have a deer skull plated with brass or nickle and need the web address of a company that does it. Thanks

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yellow pages

This response submitted by newbirdman on 3/15/05 at 6:28 AM. ( )

Thats a really cool idea . Did you try looking in your telephone book under metal - plating first ? Rick

Maybe we can help

This response submitted by Jeremy & Danielle on 3/15/05 at 7:44 AM. ( )

Tadman, we are Dodge City Cape, Hide & Skull. We offer gold, silver or bronze for skulls, however it is not true plating. But the final results look like cast metal and it is probabley alot cheaper. Send us an email if you would like more info.

They do great work

This response submitted by JEM on 3/15/05 at 8:44 AM. ( )

Dodge City does great work and their heads look like they were plated. And it is allot cheaper than having them plated.

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