Mount Longetivity

Submitted by first one on 3/15/05 at 11:30 PM. ( )

I just mounted my first deer shouoder mount, and I am proud of it. I was wondering what you'all use to keep your mounts from shedding or falling apart in 15 years. I also would like to know if Skunk kleen, the product actually works as a neutralizer as it advertizes. I have a very stinky coyote rug that must be taken care of. After it dried, the smell has substantially gone away.

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they shouldnt

This response submitted by newbirdman on 3/16/05 at 5:12 AM. ( )

Well I'm not sure what you used or how good a job you did fleshing it but if it was done properly , it should last longer than you . They shouldnt shed unless somethings eating them . You shouldnt have to do anything to it except to dust it off know and then . I have some stuff hanging up from 37 years ago still in good shape and thats all I do . Rick

in some museum and collection...

This response submitted by Lorenzo on 3/16/05 at 5:22 AM. ( )

...I have see many 100-150 years old mounts some in very nice condition.
in my personal collectin have some 50-60 years old mounts, and some for the first...49-59years haven't a professinal care like the museum ones but, whit a little of work, now looks docent if not near perfect.
If a mount is done properly and if it have a decent location end some periodical cleaning works and inspection can "live" for more a lifetime(and,I think, forever).Lorenzo

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