first axis

Submitted by don on 3/19/05 at 9:44 AM. ( )

i am about to mount my first axis buck and was wondering if the antler burrs are flush with the skull like a whitetail or elevated like some exotics?

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They're elevated

This response submitted by George on 3/19/05 at 10:02 AM. ( )

Trust the skull. Remember the hide sets on the bone and you can't compact the bone to accomodate the hide.

Be warned about Axis

This response submitted by John on 3/19/05 at 10:11 AM. ( )

Speaking from experience with Axis. You need to shave the neck area very thin in the Axis Deer. Some of these fallas can have skin up to 1/2" thick. If you don't shave it thin enough it will rot after time. We didn't exactly believe it at first until we had it happen to us. So just passing along some very important info.

my thanks to you

This response submitted by don on 3/19/05 at 3:56 PM. ( )

John, I noticed right away the thickness of the skin and have shaved and shaved and shaved some more on this thing. I did not realize prior to getting this thing that the back of neck was so thick.

WASCO has good video

This response submitted by paul e on 3/21/05 at 1:33 PM. ( )

if this is your first one you might want to get a good video or two
iknow WASCO has one and i think reinharts carrys one
also try and locate a few referance pictures
the tear ducts are a lot deeper thn whitetail
good luck

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