hair slipping

Submitted by dr on 3/21/05 at 9:55 AM. ( )

Just spent over an hour looking through the search area and found an interesting comment about hair slipping and was wondering if this gent or anyone else could give me some input. The comment was that hair will sometimes start slipping as soon as a deer is killed. What I have run into is a guy brought me a deer that was killed in mid Nov. Temp at 35 degrees.The buck was in very poor condition. It had been injured and had part of its lower hind leg missing. It appeared to have been last years injury as it was healed and caused a non typical rack . The cape had very wirey hair and was not the best looking. The guy insisted to use the orginal cape. I caped the head within an hour of being killed, hung in a walk in cooler (35 degrees ) for a day then turned the ears, lips etc. salted and air dried, pickled ph 1.5 for 3 days ,fleshed ,back in pickle 24 hours, nutralized ( 20 minutes ) I completed my normal tanning ( lu tan ) and oiled like all other capes. When I went to mounting i noticed the hair behing the ears and back of the hear was comming out. It did not look like slipping I have seen in the past. The hair was comming off the size of quarters and had a thin layer of membrane attached. Now for the big question. Could this have been caused because the buck was in such poor health , or possilby from ticks or maybe something I did. This was the only cape out of 40 i had problems with. Any good advise would be appreciated. thanks DR.

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scar tissue

This response submitted by Terry on 3/21/05 at 10:26 AM. ( )

dr, I hade one like you described above and the spots I had do that was all the deers old battle wounds.The ones I had were small enough that you didnt notice tho.


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go to, and you find several articles dealing with various forms of hair and epidermal slip. These are all supported with microphotography illustrations. One article you might find of interest is that of a correlation of deer displaying a genetic predisposition of a "zig zaggy" hair being more inclined to produce an epidermal and follicle release type of slip like you are describing.

DR use stop rot up front

This response submitted by paul e on 3/24/05 at 8:03 AM. ( )

i understand from reading things on Glens site that sometimes a deer
just goes to pcs even when things a re do almost perfectly
but let me say this
im in Louisiana and befor i started using stop rot up front
slippage to some degree down here was farely common
a lot of deer get brought in from lets say missisippi or somewhere
a little ways off and it it be a days drive or better
some of these deer are riding in back uf a truck on the bed for
well when i started using stop rot up front i noticed the slippage in almost every single case stopped
you heard me stopped its unbelievable because of the dramatic difference
i will not do another animal without it
and if you get one of these strange not ordinary guys what ever slippage you woulg have gotton is going to be dratically less
thank a million Glen

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