changing ear position

Submitted by skinner on 3/24/05 at 8:39 PM. ( )

I mounted a deer for a customer and mounted it with the ears forward using clay for the ear buts now he says he would like to have the ears back but it has been mounted for 6 moths. So my question is does anyone have any experience on rehydrating the ears and changing the postion successfully.

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This response submitted by tomdes on 3/25/05 at 2:51 PM. ( )

And I wouldn't personally attempt it without some bucks on the table. So what I'm hearing, you used buttless liners and the whole butt is comprised of clay. If that's the case then I'd say it's doable by resoaking the clay an hide at the base of the ear only. I would try and keep the outer part of the ear itself dry. You could inject water into the ear butt to rehydrate the clay. Wrap wet towels around the butt to bring the skin back. When the ear is movable then reposition to his liking and stake in place and let dry. good luck...


This response submitted by C A on 3/26/05 at 6:38 PM. ( )

If worse comes to worse... If tomdes suggestion won't work, you can always cut open your stitches a little on the back of the head. Then you can break out most of the dried clay and replace with good, soft stuff and set it how the customer wants it. Then sew it back up. You will still have to rehydrate the cape in this area prior to doing this. Try his way first.

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