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Submitted by kid on 4/5/05 at 7:22 AM. ( )

need some help here. i got a old whitetail head from a local flea market. this thing is huge! the date on the little name plate is from 1930. the white hair on the neck and ears is a gray color now. does anyone know how i can bring it back to its white color? i have already redone the nose and eyes, and i have all the hair in place, but i cant seem to get the old charcoal color out of the white hair. my guess is it was near a fireplace or iron stove, but who knows. any help would be appreciated.

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First of all , let us know if the taxidermists name is on the back . If its not mounted by someone famous , your better off just cutting off the antlers and getting a new cape unless its in very good shape . If you do cut them off , do this outside and were a mask as it will be preserved with arsenic . It probably has the whole skull attached to a 2 x 4 . How much did you pay ? Sorry , I cant help you with the cleaning . Rick

no name but..

This response submitted by kid on 4/5/05 at 9:09 AM. ( )

i think they did a jam up job on it for it to have lasted so well. the board on which its mounted is very cool. its a mix of oak and mahogamy i think, with seperate wooden designs applied. its sorta like a picture frame, with the back dark, and light oak panels going around with 2 3-4inch oak fancy carvings. its very nice. i took the head off the board to clean it last night, i didnt see a name. i actually bought 2 deer hads at once, and i paid $20 each. this one is a 10 point, and the other was a 8 point. both were heavy and wide. i realised after buying both that i couldnt fit them into the car, so i sold the smaller 8 point to a guy for what i paid for it. as i was carrying the 10 pt to the car, a guy stopped me and asked me if i would like a african head. i gave him $5 for a gazelle head! it needs massive repairs on the ears, but besides that, it looks good. last week i purchased a full body mount coyote for $10! that was a divorce sale special!

to cool!

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Thats a hell of a deal!

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