Help with paint inside ears.

Submitted by Steve on 4/5/05 at 1:27 PM. ( )

Hello, I have always had a problem with painting the inside of a Whitetails ears. I use Water-based paint...But I do clean the ears before I paint them. I dont know exactly how to explain it. The paint seems to "bead" up when I spray it...I have tried numerous (very light) coats. As well as cleaning the ears with different things. The paint also does not stick well. Sometimes it chips. Any Suggestions?

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i know what u mean

This response submitted by Matt on 4/5/05 at 1:49 PM. ( )

It happens to me to. Are you using an airbrush? It may be that theres water spitting out from the hose and mixes with the paint cause an uneven coat. A moisture trap on the line may fix your problem.

Seal them...

This response submitted by tomdes on 4/5/05 at 2:14 PM. ( )

I've never had a problem, I clean them well with laq. thinner then seal them with basecoat sealer, then paint. Might be water in your line like second poster suggested.


This response submitted by Steve on 4/5/05 at 2:32 PM. ( )

Thanks for the help guys...Still, I dont know. I assumed it was water spitting out as well. Thats what it looks like...but I have ruled that out. I clean the ears with acetone...but have not tried saling them. I will do that. Thanks for the suggestions.

me to

This response submitted by bill on 4/5/05 at 9:43 PM. ( )

i had all kind of problems with water base,paints thought it was my air brush, compressor, i tried everything,switched to laq base,solved my problems


This response submitted by Steve on 4/6/05 at 11:12 AM. ( )

Thanks, I was thinking of trying laquer. I think it may have something to do with the oils in the tan or the wash that reside on the ears...Cant paint water based on top of oil based.

try this

This response submitted by todd on 4/6/05 at 4:50 PM. ( )

I had that problem. try turning up the air pressure to 30 pounds. the inline fiter probably want cure it, although you should have one. another thing is make sure when you rinse your cup that you bleed the line for at least 20 seconds. somtimes i think i have got all the water out then it starts spitting again. another thing is to take your air brush ,after rinseing, the cup, and give it a good blowing out. this should help.


This response submitted by Steve on 4/7/05 at 5:39 PM. ( )

Alright, will try that. Thanks for the input.

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