Big Shot Taxidermist -Welches On Deal ! Look Out!

Submitted by LET DOWN & DISSAPOINTED on 4/5/05 at 3:37 PM. ( )

Back in 1999 a BIG SHOT taxidermist from MASS wanted to go deer hunting. He said he would trade off some shop time with him for some hunting. That sounded great! It's a deal- lets do it! He came and stayed with me and hunted for three days.We hunted hard and on the third evening- (thanks to a good friend who let us go on his farm)he cashed in on a respectable 8 point buck.It took 4 guys busting their balls to find this animal in a pine thicket after a terrible gut shot. It took this guy almost a 1/2 hour to gut this animal. He even promised my friend some prime lobsters from MASS. We have not yet seen any LOBSTER or any 1 on 1 training from this guy!NOT even a phone call at best! DON'T MAKE a Promise you Won't Keep -BEWARE of this guy! USED&ABUSED

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This response submitted by ? on 4/5/05 at 3:41 PM. ( )

How can we beware of someone who we don't even know his name?

Be professional

This response submitted by Steve D on 4/5/05 at 3:49 PM. ( )

If you have a gripe with someone great, its allways nice to let others know, But at least be professional enough to use your name and email address. Maybe theres more to it than you know and perhaps someone that knows what the problem is if there is one, would contact you to let you know. If nothing else you give the person in question a way to reach you. .02cents


This response submitted by Bill Paterson on 4/5/05 at 5:09 PM. ( )

This happened in 1999 and you are still stewing about it?

Get a life!

IT Wasn't Me.

This response submitted by Richard C on 4/6/05 at 10:26 AM. ( )

I know what your all thinking but I haven't shot a deer in 15 years or so . This will be the year though. I have some who is going to have one chained to a tree In NH for me . It's not easy shooting with bifocals.

dont get bitter try to call him

This response submitted by paul e on 4/6/05 at 1:27 PM. ( )

im not taking up for him but did you try to talk to him
i would not be suprised at how bad he might feel if you approuched
him with the issue
in any event dont get bitter
thats the best way to cut off you blessings from God
take the high road
ii hope you dont get mad at me for preaching but
this world gets enough negative constantly thrown at it
i hope he makes it right by it for you

Ripped off in IN

This response submitted by Mike Wilson on 4/8/05 at 6:16 PM. ( )

I wonder if it's the same guy that ripped me for a fox squirrel a couple years back? After he got the specimen, I never heard from him again. Sure sounds familliar, and he's from Mass. He wanted to trade a hunt on my property, too.
Oh well. Ya learn.

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