hey! Christine

Submitted by todd on 4/7/05 at 3:33 PM. ( )

ijust seen your reply to my message on how do you make them understand about slippage. all the capes that i have had to slip you could run your fingers threw the hair lightly and get loose hair to come out. This is before they thawed out. it was'nt alot of hair ,but just seem aweful loose and easy to come out. All my good capes i could'nt do this. Another thing, they did not smell. try this ! i would be willing to bet $100 to $1 that if this is the case it will slip!

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This response submitted by todd on 4/7/05 at 10:03 PM. ( )

i think i got my wires cross on the names. this message is suppose to be for don. i was in a hurry!

i will try it

This response submitted by don on 4/7/05 at 10:08 PM. ( )

thanks todd

i dunno

This response submitted by christine on 4/10/05 at 8:55 PM. ( )

I just mounted a cape that had hair coming out when i ran my fingers through it when the person gave it to me. i told her i couldn't promise anything. She had the cape in the trunk of her car for more than a week in 40 degree weather.

i have told a buddy of mine i swear the thing that saved this cape was Bruce Rittel's experiment of saftacid and bascal s. i have used it on two bad capes, one with hair falling out and the other just plain stinky, and both came out fine. some stray hairs are coming out, but no major slip.

at any rate, i'm not sure i can tell if slippage will occur, but i can surely do my best to prevent it! i use the bascal s on all of my capes now.

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