Salted Deer Cape

Submitted by Nate on 4/18/05 at 3:27 PM. ( )

I recently rehydrated and applied liquid tan to a slated deer cape that measured 7 1/4" by 22". I was going to mount it on a 7 1/4" x 21" form - It doesn't even come close to fitting (good 3" gap o the upper neck) What am I doing wrong?

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Not enough info!

This response submitted by jrosbor on 4/18/05 at 6:01 PM. ( )

You stated you re-hydrated your salt dried cape. How did you re-hydrate the cape? (Water, salt water or what?) Did you pickle the hide? Liquatan and jrtc. Say you can use with out a pickle but a pickle is recommended. Did you shave the cape? When the cape was salt dried was it hung by the nose? Did you pre stretch the cape before mounting? How was the cape measured? Before skinning after skinning after tanning over the hair? Here is what I think... You didn't re-hydrate the cape enough or with the right re-hydration solution. You didn't stretch the cape before mounting. And the cape wasn't shaved before or after tanning. For the future ask questions or do your homework first, then mount. You will be much happier. Joe

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