Deer Tongues

Submitted by Steve on 4/20/05 at 12:01 PM. ( )

Hello, I have been wanting to try an open mouth deer mount. There is one in the newest WASCO book as an advertisement for Krowtann that is awesome. I am sure it has been altered but anyway, how can you get a deer tongue that will work with a specific object (like a corn cob in the WASCO book). I doubt at all that a "licking" tongue bought from a catalog would be the perfect fit. Hopefully this wasnt too hard to understand. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Custom made

This response submitted by Rick Carter on 4/20/05 at 12:45 PM. ( )

Steve, there is not a commercial tongue available that can be altered to do anything like the one in Don Steven's deer. Most of the specialty competition deer you see at the shows all have tongues made specifically for that one mount. Issue 53 of Breakthrough Magazine has an article that shows several methods of making your own custom tongues. Making tongues is expensive and time consuming. You need a lot of reference as well.


This response submitted by Steve on 4/20/05 at 6:38 PM. ( )

Thanks for the info Rick. Steve

Look for Dan Rinehart's web site

This response submitted by Joe T on 4/22/05 at 9:35 PM. ( )

He has a good 4 part article in there from Breakthrough #62. Here it is...I did your homework for you!


This response submitted by Steve on 4/23/05 at 11:53 AM. ( )

I appreciate it, Thanks.

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