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Submitted by squeeky on 4/20/05 at 4:41 PM. ( )

hi yall, i shot my first deer last january. it was a doe. it was a perfect shot through the shoulder and all, but was thrashing around and very alive. i had read in my taxidermy guide book that when you shoot a deer you intend to mount, not to cut its throat but to shoot it again. well, when i did, it stuck its head up just in time to catch the bullet across its throat patch and i might as well have cut it.
ive seached the archives and i cant get quite enough information on what i should do. well, i was going to mount it pretty soon but dont know quite how to patch it. any good advice is appreciated(except, throw it away and use a different cape, as this is my first deer and has no antlers)

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go for it

This response submitted by John W. on 4/20/05 at 7:15 PM. ( )

You will probably have to cut the bullet hole out a bit ,where the hair was blown off.Cut the area to be sewn into a football shape-if at all possible it would be better for the area to be cut, would be cut horizontally,and instead of using stitches, I would use brad nails-hope this helps-John W.

Great idea John W.

This response submitted by Craig on 4/20/05 at 7:55 PM. ( )

If you really need to use this cape, brad nails or fine head pins would be the way I would repair it. Mount the deer head first securing all your reference points. The repair will be one of the last things you do. Bring up the bottom of the cut first and pin the outside corners, then all along the bottom edge. Keep it in a straight line across the throat. Then bring the top edge down meeting the already pinned edge. In some cases you might want to overlap the bottom of the seam slightly to line up the hair patterns and get a good blend. You might need to plastic mesh the repair until it's dry to keep everything flat.

The shorter the hair the tougher this type of repair will be.

umm yeah

This response submitted by squeeky on 4/20/05 at 9:53 PM. ( )

well, the whole football idea im familiar with, but it slit across the whole throat patch where the hair is really thin. but i'll try the small headed pin deal. thanks

Not quite a perfect

This response submitted by crackshot on 4/21/05 at 2:03 AM. ( )

shoulder shot now was it. Next time hold just behind the sholder into the Boilermaker. Also a follow up shot into the chest is a good safe and humane shot and also won't effect the mount. A poorly placed shot into the neck or elsewere will only hit meat or get you where you are now.

yeah yeah

This response submitted by squeeky on 4/21/05 at 9:57 AM. ( )

but i got my deer right?


This response submitted by crackshot on 4/22/05 at 9:04 AM. ( )

And every deer is a trophy especialy your first.
Why not just try and fix the damage to see if it can be done. If it looks just ok it will be a trophy mount to you.

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