Smooth fish fill

Submitted by Sam on 4/26/05 at 3:01 PM. ( )

In the past, when mounting antlers to a form, I have used "smooth fish fill" to cover the skull and blend it into the form. (Antler mount only )

Does anyone know what this material is?
Can another matieral be used instead? (Spackling, plaster?)
Also, where can I pick up the material you suggest?

I'm going to sand smooth, paint over and then flock.

Thanks much!

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This response submitted by Craig on 4/26/05 at 4:46 PM. ( )

Ilike using bondo for this. It is easily rasped before it sets hard and gives a nice smooth surface for covering with leather. Mix a little sawdust with it before you squirt in the hardener and it will stiffen up enough to keep from sagging. You can put it on just like putty. It also makes the whole thing really solid.

You could probably even use two part foam, just bag the antlers first. That would work with the flocking method you are describing and you could add some color to the foam as a base. This is very easily rasped and shaped.

Mache works

This response submitted by Mike on 4/27/05 at 9:54 AM. ( )

or plaster of paris. One thing that looks neat is real deer hair. I always get some early season bow kills and have the backskin tanned. The short hair is easier to work with, and I cover the antler mount with that instead of flocking. It costs more, but looks nicer so I just charge more.

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