whats wrong with deer fur between antler

Submitted by Matt on 4/30/05 at 10:31 PM. ( )

I have a cape that i am going to have tanned but inbetween the antler burs the fur is thin and weird looking. Its like it doesnt look right compared to the rest of the cape or normal capes in general. Its like the fur is gray in that area and everywhere else its brown-red. It is also more fury looking than the normal deer hair look. What is this and is it common? This will be my second deer to mount and i am not sure what to do. It really takes the neatness out of the cape.

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This response submitted by Buckeye on 4/30/05 at 10:54 PM. ( )

I killed a buck last year that looked as normal as any deer except for the bright red hair from the back of his eyes to the back of his head. I've mounted deer with black, red, gray, even white hair on top of their head. I have also had a few of them with the thin hair you just described (it could be from the deer making rubs/fighting etc). I know when I started I was always looking for something to go wrong so if the cape is worth saving (being your 2nd deer) I would try to save it, and even learn from it. Hope this helps and good luck with it!

Rubbed antler boss

This response submitted by duckfeathers on 5/1/05 at 10:28 AM. ( )

Bucks rub and butt up against all types of things. It is common for the antler boss area to have some wear. When the longer guard hairs are broken away, the underhair is exposed and has a different look. Id say mount the cape as it should tan okay. Just call the rub area "character". I like mounts with "character".

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