Four days in Frig

Submitted by Marc A on 12/1/05 at 3:14 PM. ( )

Got a 160-170 class buck in last night. One in a lifetime in these parts. The guy let it sit in a refrigerator four days before he called. Stink cannot discribe the smell. Didn't turn him away, just made it very clear that it may not make it. I stretched the cape flesh side out in the freezer. When my 55 gals of stop rot comes in I can treat it without waiting.

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same here

This response submitted by Rich P. on 12/1/05 at 5:58 PM. ( )

I had a guy bring me a buck in about 3 weeks ago. When I opened the bag it stunk so bad and there was about a quart of blood on the bottom of the bag. The guy asked me what was wrong and I said can't you smell that . He said oh ya, that's why I drove here with the windows down. He had it sitting in the garage for 2 weeks in 50 degree weather. I hate customers like that and they wonder why it can't be mounted. Also the people who cut the cape to short.

as soon as possible put the stop rot on

This response submitted by paul e on 12/2/05 at 7:35 AM. ( )

then id salt for one night and pickle
it will probably show in the pickle if your heading in the right
paul e

Hey Rich

This response submitted by Marc A on 12/2/05 at 10:32 AM. ( )

Were you able to save it ?

my experience

This response submitted by jt on 12/2/05 at 3:09 PM. ( )

i would have to believe that if it stunk that bad it was in the fridge for longer than 4 days. i've taken deer that have been being driven around in the back of a truck for a week in 50 degree weather and they tend to be fine. there does get to be a time when they start smelling a little bad but i've never seen it hurt. i think stop rot is over rated and doesn't even need to be used. it's just a marketing ploy. i've yet to have hair slip or have a cape go bad.

one more thing

This response submitted by jt on 12/2/05 at 3:37 PM. ( )

by the way, not that i'm saying keeping hides that long is a good thing. i'm not lazy and i get capes fleshed and salted as they come in and have a lot of sleep deprived nights but i'm saying that it happens and i've yet to see it cause a problem.

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