Submitted by FF on 12/1/05 at 7:15 PM. ( )

any one use the preset eys from Rhinehart? Looking for opinions on this.

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Used them since the 80s

This response submitted by mike on 12/1/05 at 8:43 PM. ( taxidermy@mwt.net )

Beats putting mud around the eyes. And if you do need to use a mannikin with out eyes set them and sculp them with epoxy putty. I love em. jmhop

i dont like to be boxed it

This response submitted by paul e on 12/2/05 at 7:39 AM. ( amfpaul@bellsouth.net )

im sure they are ok
i like to feel the mount out when im mounting it up
the expression should flow with the form choice and alertness
or not alertness(relaxed look)
if your having problems with the eyes
i think McKenzies has a reference head by Joe Meder
that looks like a good refernce tool
paul e

they are ok but....

This response submitted by jt on 12/2/05 at 3:04 PM. ( jgt24@yahoo.com )

I usually cut a lot of the form around the eyes and rebuild it myself with clay. i don't care for the rinhart forms too much and try not to use them unless a customer specifically requests that look. i give my customers the option of looking at the rinehart forms but try to get them to take a McKenzie form. there are some other companies out there that make nice forms but a lot of them don't offer big enough forms. McKenzie's and Joe Meder forms usually have a lot better detail.

I like them.

This response submitted by jrosbor on 12/2/05 at 8:28 PM. ( huntersdream3x@hotmail.com )

ONLY because there is no baby sitting the eyes waiting for the mount to dry. I can mount them up faster than any other form. They are great for the commercial taxidermist.


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