1000 + Sticktights on a customer deer cape, what to do?

Submitted by Greg on 12/5/05 at 11:44 AM. ( )

I told the customer it may not work out, that maybe he could bring me a cape from rifle season it would be great. Not sure if sticktights is the correct term or not. These are the wee little ones that stick in the fur found in the midwest. I'm worried the deer will loose to much hair combing these out, and I'm assuming they are not going to wash out either. The ears are especially loaded. I have three extra capes, do you suppose this would be a good time to use one of them? Or does the wash take these out like a miracle?

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work at it

This response submitted by Mike on 12/5/05 at 4:14 PM. ( )

Washing it won't get them out. I just comb them out as carfully as possible so as not to pull hair out. You should do it before initial fleshing because those balls of burs can sometimes buldge up the cape and can cause cut holes.


This response submitted by Rorie on 12/5/05 at 7:05 PM. ( )

Really WD-40 and comb them out. then wash with Dawn.

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